Theo de Vries

As soon as Theo de Vries even has time, he swings. He learned to play the piano in dark brown cafes where he organized with various other enthusiastic jazz musicians jam sessions.
We can be very brief about Theo’s musical education, after 3 lessons he quit, Theo is a natural talent and if you ask him which box we can classify him, he finds it difficult because he love almost all kinds of music, but he has a big weakness for Jazz. Only after his thirties did Theo start singing under friendly constraint from girlfriend Pia Beck who saw in him a gifted crooner. She was proved right. Theo also lived with his family in Spain for quite some time, where he regularly performed a mini-concert in his own Musical Restaurant. At the time, he and his band formed in Spain regularly played in well-known hotels and clubs on the Costa del Sol. Since 2009, Theo de Vries and his family have been living in Kalkar, Germany, where he continues his musical life as Bandleader of his successful formation “THEO DE VRIES and his SWING TRIO”.
Among his admirers were many music connoisseurs and musicians such as Willem Duys, Luc Lutz, Joop Braakhekke, La Batte Hertstein, Harrie van Hoof, Hein van der Gaag and Pia Beck who found him the most swinging pianist / singer in the Netherlands. He also received an honorable mention from the Pall Mall Swing Award. Maybe it was not surprising that Theo was asked to perform in the Metropole orchestra during Avro’s Swingnight.
Theo de Vries always knows himself to be surrounded by the most virtuoso, international musicians and vocalists.
With his current ensemble “THEO DE VRIES and his SWING TRIO” he plays at home and abroad at private parties, business events and Jazz festivals. 

Theo has played with The Metropole Orchestra, Huub Janssen, John Engels, Jacques Schols, Frits Kaatee, Bert Boeren, Pia Beck, Ruby Wilson, Jean Shy, Eddy Doorenbos, Mathilde Santing, Colette Wickenhagen, Josine van Och, Marco Bakker, and others. Wim Koopmans, Tony Vos, Rolf Delfos, Douglas Sides, Paco Peña, Charly Green, Rob Pauwels, Peter Baumgärtner, Paul Berner and many others.