Entertainer THEO DE VRIES
with Cocktail & Candlelight Music

Theo de Vries

The Dutch pianist Theo de Vries, who lives in Germany, has had the Swing Genes in his body from an early age. Theo de Vries still performs with his Swing Trio, but recently you can also book Theo de Vries as solo entertainer THEO DE VRIES „ONE MAN BAND“ with Cocktail & Candlelight Music. Theo is digitally accompanied by drums and double bass. As his daughter puts it so beautifully: Dad plays with his invisible Trio. And that distinguishes Theo de Vries from his musical colleagues. Of course he takes care of the virtuoso piano playing and singing.

Solo entertainer THEO DE VRIES „ONE MAN BAND“ is ideal for your reception, private party, candlelight dinner, swinging background music, champagne reception and company event.

Entertainer Theo de Vries has managed to create a unique sound in the recent years. From smooth swing to blues with beautiful ballads, pop songs and bossa novas. So Theo de Vries‘ repertoire is wide-ranging, but always with a swinging groove, entertaining but not disturbing your Conversation.

Spoil yourself and your guests with entertainer THEO DE VRIES „ONE MAN BAND“with Cocktail & Candlelight Music and make your event unforgettable. Theo de Vries is looking forward to it!